Thors Cave Circular Walk


Distance: 5 miles; 8 km 
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Time: 2 hours
Map: OL24 The Peak District
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Thor’s Cave is a natural cavern. Its 10-metre arched entrance is easily visible from a distance and attracts many tourists each year. The origin of the name Thor’s Cave is unknown, but links with the Norse god Thor and a corruption of ‘tors’, meaning hills, have been suggested. Excavations in Thor’s Cave found human and animal remains, stone tools, pottery, amber beads, and bronze items. The caves are estimated to have contained the burial sites of at least seven people.

The cave is open for exploration. You can venture inside and look around Thor’s Cave. You will need a head torch for full visibility.


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Elevation Profile

Thors Cave Elevation Profile

Car Park and Facilities

Thor’s Cave walk starts from Wetton Car Park on Carr Lane. Wetton Car Park is free and has toilets available. The car park is not established on Google Maps; however, you can see the exact location of Wetton Car Park on the satellite view.

The address of the car park is

Wetton Car Park

You will pass Wetton Mill Tea Rooms on the walking route. They serve food and drink, have toilets available and there is plenty of space to sit along the River Manifold to enjoy a break.

Start of Thor’s Cave Route

At the back of the Wetton Car Park, climb over the stile and cross the field.

Wetton to Thors Cave 1

Climb over the next stile.

Wetton to Thors Cave 2

Turn left onto the road.

Wetton to Thors Cave 3

Follow the road until you reach the split and signpost. Continue left, following the sign for “concession path to Thor’s Cave”.

Wetton to Thors Cave
Wetton to Thors Cave 5

Head right at the next split in the path. You can see the cliff of Thor’s Cave.

Thors cave in the background
Wetton to Thors Cave 8

Continue through the wooden gate and turn right. The path leads to the entrance of Thor’s Cave.

Wetton to Thors Cave 9
Thors Cave Entrance

After exploring Thor’s Cave, return the same way you came and head left down the steps.

Thors cave to Wetton Mill

Turn left when the stairs split in two.

Thors cave to Wetton Mill 2

Cross over the wooden bridge.

Thors Cave to Wetton 3

Continue right onto the concreted path.

Thors cave to Wetton Mill 3
Thors Cave to Wetton 5
Thors Cave to Wetton 6
Thors Cave to Wetton 7

After the bridge, cross over the stile into the field.

Thors Cave to Wetton 8
Thors Cave to Wetton 9

Turn left at the signpost for the public bridleway.

Thors cave to Wetton Mill 4

Keep right at the next wooden post.

Thors cave to Wetton Mill 5

Keep left, leading downhill towards the wooden gate.

Thors cave to Wetton Mill 6

The route passes Wetton Mill Tea Rooms, a great place for a rest stop on the River Manifold.

Thors Cave to Wetton 13
Thors Cave to Wetton 15

Turn right at the bridge at continue the walk.

Wetton Mill to Wetton

Continue passed the farmhouses. There is a gate at the back leading to the grassed route.

Thors Cave to Wetton 16
Thors Cave to Wetton 17
Thors Cave to Wetton 18

This section is very steep and is the highest climbing area on the walk.

Thors Cave to Wetton 20

Climb over the stile and head right, though the hole in the stone wall.

Thors Cave to Wetton 21
Thors Cave to Wetton 22

After the stone wall, keep left.

Wetton Mill to Wetton 2
Thors Cave to Wetton 24

Go through the gate and turn right onto the road.

Wetton Mill to Wetton 3
Thors Cave to Wetton 27

Turn right.

Wetton Mill to Wetton 4
Thors Cave to Wetton 29

Step down through the wooden gate and cross the small stone bridge.

Thors Cave to Wetton 30
Thors Cave to Wetton 31

Continue straight over the wooden stile.

Thors Cave to Wetton 33

Head towards the gate.

Thors Cave to Wetton 34
Thors Cave to Wetton 35
Thors Cave to Wetton 36

Pass through the stone gate and continue straight ahead.

Thors Cave to Wetton 37

The road leads back to Wetton.

Thors Cave to Wetton 38

Turn right onto School Lane.

Thors Cave to Wetton 39

You will reach your starting point on School Lane. Turn left through the stone wall.

Thors Cave to Wetton 40

Continue back to Wetton Car Park.

Thors Cave to Wetton 41