Blencathra via Sharp Edge


Height: 868 m; 2847 ft
Distance: 7 miles; 11.5 km 
Difficulty: Hard
Estimated Time: 4 hours
Map: OL5 The English Lakes – North Eastern area
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Blencathra, also labelled as Saddleback on maps, is a popular peak in the Lake District. Alfred Wainwright, a fell walker and guidebook author, detailed more routes to the summit of Blencathra than any other mountain. The most popular route is ascending Blencathra via Sharp Edge. A Grade 1 scramble to the summit.

This guide ascends Sharp Edge and descends down a gradual path that soaks in the views of the Lake District.


This guide ascends Blencathra by Sharp Edge. Sharp Edge is a Grade 1 scramble. The British Mountaineering Council describe a Grade 1 scramble:

All scrambling grades require a degree of rock climbing as both hands and feet are employed, but a classic grade 1 scramble is essentially an exposed walking route. Most tend to be relatively straightforward with many difficulties avoidable, and some of the most popular days out in the British mountains are ‘easy’ Grade 1 scrambles. Despite some knee-trembling sections, Grade 1 walks can typically be attempted without ropes and protection.


Sharp Edge is of a similar difficult to the more known Striding Edge of Helvellyn. If you have completed Striding Edge, you shouldn’t have any problems with Sharp Edge.

Given the difficulty of Sharp Edge, it is recommend to complete Sharp Edge in summer conditions to reduce the difficulty and be prepared to cancel your scramble up Sharp Edge if the weather conditions are poor.

Blencathra route via sharp edge

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Blencathra via sharp edge elevation profile

Parking and Facilities

There is free parking in Scales. The best place is a small carpark next to The White Horse. The carpark doesn’t have an address but is located next to The White Horse.

The White Horse
CA12 4SY

There are no public toilets on the route.

Accidents and Deaths on Sharp Edge

During your research of Blencathra and Sharp Edge you may have stumbled across news articles for injuries and deaths along Sharp Edge. When searching Google for ‘Sharp Edge’, two of the top three results are in relation to the danger of Sharp Edge.

is sharp edge dangerous

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team claim that from 1947 to December 2018 there have been 100 incidents on Sharp Edge with 11 fatalities.

Thousands of people complete Sharp Edge every year. It’s a popular walk but it does come with a small element of risk. In dry conditions Sharp Edge should present few problems to competent hill walkers who are comfortable with heights.

In wet, windy or winter conditions the ridge becomes slippery and dangerous. Always be prepared to cancel your walk if the conditions outweigh your skillset and equipment.

Start of Blencathra via Sharp Edge

The walk to Sharp Edge is quite steep. You cover over 600 metres of elevation during the first couple of miles.

Start the walk at the White Horse Inn. Climb the wooden stairs in the White Horse Inn carpark.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 1

Turn right once you reach the gate and the footpath, keeping the wire fence on your right-hand side.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 3
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 5
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 6

Turn right once you join the stone footpath.

Right turn

Continue straight at the next split section in the path.

Continue straight

Continue straight at the next split in the path.

Continue straight ahead
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 11
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 13

Scarp Edge comes into view on a clear day.

Sharp Edge

Turn right.

Right turn to Sharp Edge
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 16

You will pass Scales Tarn before your ascent to Sharp Edge and Blencathra.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 17
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 18

Sharp Edge can be dangerous in poor weather conditions. Ensure you have good footwear and are comfortable scrambling.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 19
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 21

The view looking back down Sharp Edge.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 22

After crossing Sharp Edge, it’s an easy footpath to the peak of Blencathra.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 23

Continue heading right, following the incline.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 24

There’s not a typical trig present but a trig detector ring marks the top of Blencathra/Hallsfell Top.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 25

Continue heading passed the trig detector ring. The route is clear to see as you walk along the ridge.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 26

You will pass another ridge similar to Sharp Edge. This is Halls Fell Ridge. Some walkers use Halls Fell Ridge to ascend Blencathra as it’s deemed an easier alternate to Share Edge. You can also descend down Halls Fell Ridge if you wish to scramble down.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 27
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 28
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 30
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 32

The path starts to zig zag down.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 33

Keep left as the path slits in two.

Left turn to Scales

The route can be boggy in certain areas.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 35

Keep left at the next split.

Left turn back to Scales

The route is easy to follow back to Scales. You will cross a few streams along the way. Keep following the path in the same direction until you reach your starting point in Scales.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 37
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 38
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 40
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 42
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 43
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 45

Climb over the stile and head down to the White Horse Inn.

Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 47
Blencathra Sharp Edge Walk 48