Recommended Hiking Boots for the Yorkshire Three Peaks

Your shoes are an important piece of kit during your hike. The terrain underfoot isn’t friendly and your shoe choice can affect your hiking experience. Your feet will be slogging through loose gravel, sharp rocks and slow-flowing streams; it is important to provide comfort, warmth and protection for your feet and ankles. The ability to keep your toes dry should be considered when selecting your footwear, ensuring your boots are waterproof to protect you from puddles and unpredicted rainfall.

Hiking Boots or Walking Boots?

Selecting your footwear can be confusing. There are multiple styles of shoes to choose from depending on the type of activity you will be completing.  To add to the confusion, the terms “hiking boots” and “walking boots” are often used interchangeably, increasing the difficulty in finding and selecting the correct pair of shoes.

A walking boot is lighter and more flexible than a hiking boot. The lighter walking boot has a reduced level of protection compared to a hiking boot. Walking boots are usually made of leather or mesh and are the preferred option when walking long distances on a flat, even surface. The Yorkshire Three Peaks can be – and quite often are – completed in walking boots, but if you are selecting your first pair of outdoor footwear, it is recommended to select a pair of hiking boots.

Hiking boots tend to have a stiffer mid-sole for a steeper walking/climbing environment and provide protection around the ankle, which reduces the risk of rolling an ankle on uneven terrain. The thicker outing provides protection and allows the boots to absorb impacts against rocks and rough terrain.

Hiking boots come in different cuts above the ankle.


Hiking Boot

  • Light Hiking (low cut) – The low-cut hiking boot is designed for day hikes on flat terrain or casual outdoor wear. They are lightweight, tough and often waterproof. They can be used for various outdoor activities, but are not ideal for walks with ascents and descents due to the lack of ankle support.
  • Standard (mid cut) – The mid-cut boot provides ankle protection. The boots are often waterproof and provide support to the soles of your feet. The boots are highly versatile and can used for other outdoor activities. Ankle protection is provided without too much additional weight.
  • Standard (high cut) – The high-cut hiking boots start to lead the way towards mountaineering boots. They provide a lot of ankle protection but at the cost of additional weight on your feet.

There is no set height of ankle protection which defines the boot to be mid-cut or high-cut and different manufactures define their boots differently, which causes some crossover between brands. A mid-cut or high-cut will provide plenty of ankle support during the Yorkshire Three Peaks.  

You can head to any sporting store to view a range of hiking footwear: Go Outdoors, Sports Direct, Millets and Blacks are usually available in the majority of locations. A member of staff will be able to assist and answer any queries about your first pair of hiking boots.

Recommended Hiking Boots

The recommended shoes are from Amazon. They have been selected based on their reviews, functionality, brand and competitive pricing. There are three shoes depending on how much you wish to spend: Budget, Mid-Priced and High Quality.

Budget Hiking Shoes

Hi-Tec Keswick Waterproof Hiking Shoes

If you will rarely use your hiking boots, there is little advantage to spending a lot of money on a decent pair of shoes. Even a budget pair of hiking boots will offer a substantial level of protection against a rocky underfoot and increase ankle support when compared to a standard pair of outdoor shoes.

The Hi-Tec boots are perfect for an introductory hiking boot. The Keswick Waterproof has a durable suede leather and lightweight mesh upper. The waterproof boot construction ensures feet stay dry whatever the weather. The rugged rubber outsole is great for all terrains and ensures grip is provided over uneven ground. The hiking boot has a lightweight lacing system and rustproof metal hardware ensuring the boot lasts for a long time. A great choice for walking or hiking on varied terrain.

Men’s Hi-Tec Keswick Waterproof Hiking Shoes


Price: View on Amazon
Available Colours: Brown, Grey (pictured), Charcoal


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Women’s Hi-Tec Keswick Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Hi-Tec Keswick Waterproof, Men's High Rise Hiking Shoes

Price: View on Amazon
Available Colours: Brown, Grey (pictured), Charcoal


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Mid-priced Hiking Boots

Merrell Moab Mid Gore-Tex® Hiking Shoes

If you are looking to adventure outdoors more often, tackle new challenges or attempt new terrains, a higher quality boot will benefit you in the long run. A hiking boot can be used outside of the countryside; touring new cities, dog walking, watching sporting events, festivals and many other outdoor events will benefit from well-protected feet.

The mid-cut Merrell waterproof boots are the perfect match for climbing peaks and hiking through downpours. The gore-tex lining and breathable mesh provides greater protection when hiking in inclement weather whilst ensuring air still flows around your feet. The hiking boot is lightweight and includes the vibram multi-sport plus sole, making it the perfect companion for navigating demanding terrain. The added anti-microbial solution reduces the spread of odour-carrying bacteria to maintain a fresh environment.

The Merrell Moab is a supportive, comfortable and durable boot in all weather conditions.

Merrell Moab Mid Gore-Tex®, Men’s Hiking Shoes


Price: View on Amazon
Available Colours: Brown (pictured), grey, black


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Merrell Moab Mid Gore-Tex®, Women’s Hiking Shoes


Price: View on Amazon
Available Colours: Granite (pictured), beluga, black, grey.


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High Quality Hiking Boots 

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking boots

Salomon are a well-known and respected brand with the outdoor community. Quality and craftsmanship are present in every piece of Salomon equipment and this reflects in their performance. Their products are guaranteed to last and come with a 2-year warranty.

Gore-tex is incorporated within the footwear and offers optimal heat retention, keeping you dry and comfortable when combating outdoor activities.

Durable nubuck leather is the feature material employed by Salomon, generating a longer lasting boot that conforms to the wearers feet. The textile enables the boot to be quick drying whilst preventing abrasion, further increasing the lifespan of the boot.

Due to the high profile of the boot, ankle support and stability is improved. The OrthoLite sock liner creates a cooler, drier, healthier and better cushioned environment under the foot. Outsole protection is granted to the wearer through rubber in both the toe cap and heel cap, perfect for taking on treacherous terrains. The outsole is designed specifically to deliver a greater purchase underfoot on a range of differing terrains, whether that be mountainous terrains or leafy treks.

Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking boots


Price: View on Amazon
Available Colours: Grey (picture), green.


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Salomon Women’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking boots


Price: View on Amazon
Available Colours: Grey (picture), green.


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